What "names" in the Internet World really mean

The URL of a site is the only string of characters in the whole world that is guaranteed to be different from anything else. So even if you can’t find the site by searching for the site’s name, you can certainly find the site’s URL. URLs are several times more powerful than brand names.

It is understandable that you may think, “If the only way to reach my site is through a search engine, I don’t need to think about putting my site’s URL out there in the first place.” Furthermore, if you bookmark a site once you’ve visited it, the URL won’t show up at all.

But look at your list of bookmarks. Do you remember which of those was your recent favorite site?

If the URL represents the site, you will have little trouble remembering which site it was. If the URL only takes uniqueness into account, you won’t even have a chance to remember.

Possible harmful effects

It is important for a name to have a “formal” nature.
If there seems no relationship between a company name or product name and a URL at a glance, there is a risk that the URL that is easier to be recognized will be taken as the real one.

A formal “looking” URL is very important, and it is best to secure a domain with a different TLD (Top Level Domain) that is similar to your brand name.

It can make some time to strategize brand name and URLs. However, creating and nurturing a brand name has the potential to remain valuable into the future. KVK 76297314 +31 6 84 75 70 90 ​Emmalaan 7 Amsterdam NL 1075AT

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